Sunday, 2 January 2011

Changing holidays.

The presenter from a TV programme called Changing Holidays calls Lisa Carter.

1. Listen. What are Lisa and Jon's holiday plans?
2. Listen again and complete the dialogue.
Lisa: Hello?
Peter:Hi! Lisa? This is Peter Douglas from Changing Holidays.
Lisa: Oh! Hello!
Peter: Lisa, what are your holiday plans for next week?
Lisa: Er...... I'm going to fly to New York with my boyfriend, Jon.
Peter: Great. And where are you going to ____________?
Lisa: We're going to _________ in the hotel Athena in Manhattan.
Peter: What are you going to ________ in New York,Lisa?
Lisa: We're going to_______ ________ -the shops in New York are fantastic- and in the evening we're going to ________ clubbing and_______ a show on Broadway.
Peter: Are you going to _____ the sights too?
Lisa: Oh yes, we want to see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park...
Peter: Well, Lisa, say goodbye to New York. Because we're going to ______ your holiday!
Make full questions.
1. where/ go? 2. who/with? 3.How/ get there? 4. What/ do there? 5. where/stay?

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