Wednesday, 28 October 2009


My best friend
David is one of my oldest friends. We were at college together. We didn’t get on well at first, but later we became good friends. We come from similar backgrounds and we have a lot in common. He lives in Spain now, so we don’t see each other very often, but we keep in touch by phone and email.

Complete the questions with the missing word.
What sort of people do you ____ on well with?
How often do you and your best friend ___ each other?
Do you ___ a lot in common with your best friend?
How do you ____ in touch with friends in other towns or countries?
Steve's best friend
Listen to Steve talking about his best friend.

Answer the following questions:
1. Where did they meet?
2. Do they ever argue?
3. Do they have anything in common?
4. How often do they see each other?
5. Do they keep in touch/ are they in touch?

Check your answers.
My best friend is Bill. I first met Bill when I was five years old. We met at school. We always used to play together at school, and we got on very well because we both loved football! . We used to argue sometimes when we were younger. Now we're older and we don't argue at all. We've known each other so long, I suppose Bill is like a brother to me. We still see each other, but no very often because he lives abroad now. We see each other about once a year, if that- but we keep in touch by email.

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