Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Present perfect with just, already, still, yet

Present perfect with just, already, still, yet.
Positive sentences
They've just arrived.
They've already arrived.
Have they arrived yet?
They haven't arrived yet.
They still haven't arrived.
Short answer
Yes, I have
No, I haven't
Not yet
Still not
Write the adverbs in the correct place in each sentence.
1 We haven't reached the coast of Britain. (yet)
2. We've eaten the emergency rations. (already)
3. We haven't seen any dolphins. (still)
4. Has the boat arrived? (yet)
5. They have finished the race. (just)

Listen to the conversation and say if the following sentences are true or false.
1. Eva has already seen the film Crocodile Dundee.
2. Josh saw the film last week.
3. Josh can't pay for the tickets.
4. Eva offers to pay for her.
5. The film starts at 8.10.

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