Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Describing a picture

Complete the labels with the correct prepositions: in, on, at.

In the foreground; in the background; in the right-hand corner
On the left; on the right
At the top; at the bottom, at the back; at the front.

Read the description and complete the text with in,on or at.
_______(1) this picture I can see a bay._____ (2) the left there is a small sandy beach. _____(3) the background I can see some sheep and a small building on the hillside. It's a beautiful sunny day, with just a few clouds in the sky and the water is very calm. There aren't many people on the beach. Someone is standing _____(4) the left and a couple ___ (5) the middle of the picture are walking by the sea. I think it would be nice to have a holiday here because it all looks very peaceful and relaxing.

1. in    2. On   3. In   4. on  t. in

This activity is from Premium B1 level. Editorial Pearson Longman

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