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The famous celebrities are not immune to having phobias, and in fact, suffer them just as much as other Americans do.
Hydrophobics (fear of water)
Natalie Wood

She was a famous actress, well known for her roles in Westside Story and Rebel without a Cause. She died drowning in the water from an apparent boating accident, which raised questions.
Other actresses include Carmen Electra and Michelle Pfeiffer
Arachnophobic (fear of spiders)
Andre Agassi
He is a renown Tennis star who won 4 grand slam titles.
Aviophobic (fear of flying)
John Madden
He is a famous sports commentator for Monday Night Football. In 1979, he vowed never to fly again and instead drives more than 60,000 miles a year in his 45 foot motor home called the Madden Cruiser.
Clourophobics (fear of clowns)
Johnny Depp
Famous actor, nominated for academy awards in films Sweeney Todd, Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Finding Neverland.
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs
He is a record producer, rapper, entrepreneur. Although he denies it, he is rumored to have a “no clown” clause in his performance contracts.
Daniel Radcliffe
Well known for his role as Harry Potter, he despises clowns.
Botanophobic (fear of plants)
Christina Ricci

She received her fame as an actress from Adams Family. She believes plants are dirty.
Siderodromophobic (fear of train travel)
Sigmund Freud
When the famous Austrian psychiatrist saw the train gas jets, it made him think of souls burning in hell.
Mysophobics (fear of germs)
Howard Hughes

Famous aviator and film producer suffered from severe mysophobia toward the end of his life. It is noted that he lay in darkened hotel rooms which he considered a germ-free zone. Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Howard Hughes’ germ phobia in the movie Aviator
Donald Trump
The Real estate mogul is known for not wanting to shake people’s hands.
Other famous people known for mysophobia are pop singer Michael Jackson, Deal or No Deal’s Howie Mandel, and actress Shannen Doherty.
Agoraphobic (fear of public or open places)
Famous actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Kim Basinger, as well as singer Arethra Franklin.
Panophobic (fear of antique furniture)
Billy Bob Thorton
This famous actor once told Oprah of this odd fear. He attributed it to a possible past-life connection of being beat to death by an old chair.
Ovophobic (fear of eggs)
Alfred Hitchcock
Famous filmmaker known for his psychological thrillers.
Ailurophobics (fear of cats)
Famous persons like Augustus Caesar, Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, French General Napoleon Bonaparte, King Henry III of France and Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini.
Eisoptrophobic (fear of mirrors)
Pamela Anderson

Entomophobia (fear of insects)
Steven Spielberg

Famous producer and director, known for films such as Jurassic Park, Jaws, E.T, Indiana Jones.
Lepidopterophobia (fear of butterflies)
Nicole Kidman

Famous actress, starring in films such as Moulin Rouge, The Hours, Cold Mountain
Swinophobia (fear of pigs)
Orlando Bloom

Famous actor, noted for his roles in Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean.
Acrophobia (fear of heights)
Sheryl Crow
Famous singer/songwriter and musician
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